“YES” and “NO” FOODS

The preparation of food is essential for correct diet and good health.  The golden rules are so simple and logical.  As RAW and as FRESH as possible - so simpleDonate your Microwave to your worst enemy - Microwaves ought to be banned, (and maybe even some of your enemies).  Barbeque, canned, re-heated, frozen, and fast foods are heresy for a healthy body.  The difference in your health, mind and body over the long term are will become evident.


The Gerson diet: The Gerson diet, based on raw fruit and vegetables, low in sodium and high in potassium, has proven most effective in providing good health and the restoration of cancer patients and patients with all manner of other metabolic diseases. Although, as mentioned, similar diets have been used successfully since the early 1800s to restore cancer patients, Dr Gerson's diet, which includes supplementary enzymes,* was developed more scientifically in the light of 20th Century research over many years of successful cancer treatment, and today forms the basis of all successful cancer therapy.

*Dr Gerson provided his patients with supplementary enzymes by giving them raw calves' liver juice to drink. Enzymes of many kinds derived from both plant and animal sources are now available in powdered or tablet form.

Sir Arbuthnot Lane summed it up over fifty years ago, thus:

"What we should do then if we would avoid cancer is to eat whole-wheat bread and raw fruit and vegetables, shunning all meat. First that we may be better nourished, second that we may more easily eliminate waste products and thus adequately drain the house in which our cells live. * Whoever will correct his diet to a reasonable extent, take reasonable exercise, and keep his digestive tract absolutely clean, need have no fear of cancer."

*Dr A Garten in his book The Health Secrets of a Naturopathic Doctor, described how Dr Senator founded the concept of autointoxication in 1888 and how Dr Melke in 1897 observed that a dietary change from meat to bread, fruits and vegetables resulted in a complete alteration in the intestinal bacteria and the disappearance of poisonous substances.

Vegetables and herbs: Early in 1984 the National Cancer Institute reported a study in North Carolina which showed that women who ate less than two servings of fresh fruit or vegetables a day were three times more likely to develop cancer as women who ate four or more servings a day.

   It is recognized that all the many nutrients, some of them still possibly undiscovered, play a part in the chemistry of every cell. Dr Leo Wattenberg, working at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine, discovered that rats fed a balanced, highly purified diet containing all know vitamins and nutrients were not able to make certain enzymes (biological catalysts) in the liver which inactivate cancer-causing chemicals. However, when the rats were fed a crude diet containing alfalfa (known in Australia as lucerne) they were able to produce the enzymes. And when alfalfa alone was added to the purified diet, this caused the enzyme to be made. Other experiments showed that this enzyme increased protection against cancer even when cancer-causing chemicals were added to their diet. Dr Wattenberg found that cabbage, Brussels sprouts, turnips, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, dill and celery caused the enzyme to be made but varied in effectiveness according to their freshness and the soil in which they were grown.

   Dr Wattenberg identified the actual chemicals in the vegetables which cause the protective enzymes to be formed. They belong to a well-known family of organic chemicals called indoles. He also found that citrus fruits contain chemicals called flavones which have the same effect as indoles. Beans and seeds are rich in plant proteins called lectins which have been found to protect animals against cancer in laboratory experiments.

   In other experiments by Dr M. R. Mainlow at the Oregon Primate Research Center, alfalfa, when added to experimental diets had been shown to lower assimilation of cholesterol from food. In tests on monkeys and rabbits, assimilation was reduced from 76% to 47%. The active substances in alfalfa are known as saponins, a type of glycoside found 'in plants. Saponins lower the surface tension of water, and historically have been used as wetting agents for cleaning purposes. Cast into rivers, saponins kill fish without rendering them poisonous to eat. They are hemolytic if injected into the bloodstream, but are not absorbed into the bloodstream from the intestines. It would appear these substances dissolve fat and thereby lower blood viscosity.

   As indoles derive also from glycosides, the protective actions of alfalfa and other vegetables may be related in a similar manner to those of ginseng and eleuthococcus. (See Relief of Stress. )

   Amygdalin is a substance contained in many kinds of plants and is claimed by many people in the field of cancer treatment to be capable of inhibiting or destroying cancer cells. Amygdalin is also known as Laetrile or Vitamin B17, and is in common use by unorthodox practitioners as a primary anti-cancer agent. The results obtained from its use have varied widely and have been inconsistent and inconclusive, and there has been great controversy in medical circles about it. Some amygdalin proponents claim it works as a vitamin (usually deficient in the diet), while others say that its anti-cancer action is brought about by cyanide released specifically only in cancer cells triggered by a substance in the cell, and therefore harmless to normal cells.

   It is evident, however, that when good results have been obtained using amygdalin it has always been in conjunction with modified diet usually supported by supplementary digestive enzymes, as well as in association with other lifestyle changes.   In addition to amygdalin, there are countless other herbs and herbal extracts claimed over hundreds of years in folk medicine to inhibit and sometimes cure cancer. Many of these are currently being investigated by medical researchers.

   There is no question that many complete remissions of cancer have been achieved by herbal medicines taken internally and in some cases applied directly to external cancers. The famous Hoxsey Clinic in Texas successfully employed this form of treatment for many years, but although an independent investigation in 1954 by ten senior physicians from different states certified to the superiority of Dr Hoxsey's methods, the AMA eventually had his clinic closed.

   Apart from inhibiting or reversing the growth of cancer, herbal mixtures have been reported to alleviate angina and reduce symptoms of diabetes, in which cases it is clear that fat metabolism and blood viscosity must be favorably influenced.  Obviously the correction of any errors, be they deficiencies or excesses, must favorably affect cellular chemistry. This may explain why, in the history of folk medicine, an enormous variety of herbal substances and extracts, used singly or in combinations, have been shown to favorably influence the course of various diseases, often effecting cures. There are far too many reports and claims of this kind, from all over the world, to be disregarded.  However, what works in one case may not work in another, and with so many variables involved in the processes of cell chemistry leading to cancer, consistent results cannot be expected unless all factors are optimized.

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 FRUIT VARIETIES (plenty - as much as 80% of your diet)


 CEREAL GRAINS - RICE, BREADS, (very minimal)

 HERBS VARIETY (very minimal)

 NUTS AND CERTAIN SEEDS (very minimal)






 ALCOHOL– no wine, beer, spirits

 SOFTDRINKS - Coke, Fanta, Red-Bull, all “soda” based.